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Apogeo Spatial Podcast with Astronaut Nick Hague

Apogeo Spatial Podcast with Astronaut Nick Hague

Nick Hague
NASA Astronaut

Apogeo Spatial publisher Myrna James Yoo interviews astronaut Nick Hague, who is going to the International Space Station on March 14, 2019. At the time of the discussion in December 2018, he was scheduled to go in February, which was pushed to March. Myrna and Nick discuss his first attempt at going to the ISS in October 2018, the experiments that Nick will be doing with the ISS National Lab, and the positive effects on the astronaut program of NASA using more commercial companies such as SpaceX.

Apogeo Spatial will be publishing his photos from space while he’s on the space station, with his thoughts from that perspective. He notes that going there will “put things in a slightly different perspective… I’m looking forward to experiencing it firsthand and seeing how it affects me, which will be a personal highlight. Sharing that with as many people as possible becomes our responsibility.”

Nick also notes that our work is really about service to humanity. He said, “I appreciate what you’re trying to accomplish with your magazine. It’s really about service. What we’re doing ultimately is trying to give more to others than we give to ourselves. We’re trying to be part of something bigger than ourselves. And that’s what the space program is about. We’re trying to conduct that science. We’re trying to explore the unknown… But, we’re trying to do that for humanity. We’re trying to do that for the benefit of all the people that are on the ground. And that’s a vital mission that we’ve been doing for decades continuously. And it’s a vital mission that we need to continue to do.”

Nick will be launching on March 14, 2019, and is scheduled to do two spacewalks very soon, on March 22 and April 8. These will all be posted for live viewing on NASA TV and NASA Facebook Live. You can read this interview from the magazine here.