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Your advertising contributes to industry growth. Apogeo Spatial provides an important service, both for readers and for advertisers. We provide value by delivering your marketing message directly to your target audience around the world

Circulation is 16,400 with the majority of readers in the U.S. We are increasing our international subscriptions, as the remote sensing industry is global and without borders. Our readers are qualified based on their job titles. We also provide 2,500 bonus circulation at conferences and events.


Apogeo Spatial reaches your target audience of professionals who work in geospatial technologies and remote sensing. Readers are from commercial companies, academia, and the government. Please see media kit for details.

Actual titles include: Image Analyst, Research Scientist, Geographer of the U.S. State Department, UNOSAT Manager, Director of Intelligence, Secretary of Defense, U.S. Army Space Team Chief, Owner, President, Cartographer, Professor, GIS Systems Analyst, Chief Geologist, etc.


We are currently gathering data on industries, with response from all areas: Federal and State/Local Government, Academia and Commercial.

We are expanding our international distribution significantly with key strategic partners. Currently:

  • 64% U.S.
  • 15% Canada, Mexico, South America
  • 10% Europe, Africa, Middle East
  • 11% Asia, Pacific Rim
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Apogeo Spatial is published quarterly by:

Blueline Publishing LLC
Myrna James Yoo, Publisher/Owner
P.O. Box 1113
Arvada CO 80001