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Apogeo Spatial Podcast with David Mitlyng

Apogeo Spatial Podcast with David Mitlyng

David Mitlyng
COO of SpeQtral
CEO of Speqtral Quantum Technologies, Inc.

Myrna James Yoo Publisher, Apogeo Spatial

David Mitlyng, CEO of Speqtral Quantum Technologies (SQT), shares news about their satellite currently on orbit testing Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) with Myrna James Yoo, Publisher of Apogeo Spatial. SQT is the only commercial company to be testing QKD on orbit right now — the only others doing quantum technologies in space are the Chinese government.

Learn more about this, and how “flying qubits” will work to create secure transactions from space, using the laws of physics! They also discuss Google’s announcement of reaching Quantum Supremacy in partnership with NASA, which was announced in late October 2019.

You can read this interview from the magazine here.

November 6, 2010